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Redoing Grandma’s Bathroom to Make It Safer

Grandma was used to her tub, but she was getting older. She did not want one of those walk-in tubs. She said it would make her bathroom look like a place for a old person. I did not mention the obvious in that she is old. However, I did suggest a shower that had no step up and had hand rails. Grandma said she did not like her old closed in shower with the frosted door. She wanted something that was more open and had clear glass. A place that does shower doors in Union County NJ was able to meet all of her needs.

Her new shower goes all the way to the floor. The floor at the door is a narrow metal strip that is a drain. She can step on it or over it. It is smooth and level with the floor surface. It keeps water from running out into the rest of the bathroom and eliminates the step up that most showers have.

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How Golf Carts Can Boost Profitability

When it comes to managing a golf club, one of the most often areas that is overlooked as a possible moneymaker is the humble golf cart. As it happens though, golf carts are actually one of the most versatile and profitable areas of many golf clubs. A large part of the golf cart’s strength stems from its ability to deliver profit directly back to the club on a daily basis through rental fees. Although golf carts have a whole range of benefits for golf clubs, there are a few key areas to keep in mind when maintaining them. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the most important concerns when managing golf cart rental fees.

They Need to Be Maintained

Although golf carts are a great source of revenue, they also cost money to maintain. It’s easy to forget that golf carts require regular upkeep, just as a normal car does, but it’s true. Since these vehicles are moving people back and forth on a daily basis, it’s only natural that a certain amount of “wear and tear” takes place over time. Club car golf cart parts can make the difference between a smooth rental operation and a chaotic one where carts are randomly shutting down from mismanaged repairs.

Rental Income Can Cover Other Costs

As mentioned previously, one of the big strengths of a well-managed golf cart rental operation is that it brings in revenue consistently. This means that you can take risks in other areas and have a safety net to fall back on. In addition, golf carts can help fill in the payment gaps during expansionary periods. If you’re interested in taking on more staff or improving your facilities directly, it will be much easier if you’ve already have a golf cart operation underway.

Golf Carts Can Improve Your Reputation

In addition to helping cover costs, golf carts can also have dramatic effect on a club’s reputation and prestige. While smaller golf clubs might be able to get away with not having any rental options for golf carts, it’s simply not feasible for any golf club that strives to become more prominent in its area. For golf clubs that already have rental options, it may not be enough either if they golf carts aren’t regularly maintained. No one wants to drive a broken or uncomfortable golf cart.

Golf carts provide a whole host of benefits to clubs, so they’re worth seriously considering. Even if they require general upkeep and maintenance, the profit they bring back should be more than enough to earn their keep.

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Ways To Get That Classic Car You Want

Ways To Get That Classic Car You Want

If you are new to the classic car world, then you are probably wondering how people buy those cars you see at car shows. After all, it isn’t like every town has a dealership with classic European cars for sale. It takes time to find and buy the classic car you want, and the amount of time and money you will spend depends on the type of classic car you are looking for.

Car Auctions

One of the best ways to get a classic car at a discounted price is to go to police auctions and bid on cars that have been seized. You can also go to a dealer auction to see if any classic cars are available. Many of the people you see with those beautiful classic cars bought their cars at an auction for a discounted price, and bought those cars in mint condition as well.

From Collectors

It is unusual that you will see an advertisement in your local newspaper or online for a private individual selling a classic car. If you do see an advertisement like that, then it is definitely something you should look into. In most cases, classic cars are bought and sold by collectors who usually hold onto their cars until they can get top dollar for them. You will pay a little more for a classic car from a collector, but you will also get a car that is in the best possible shape and has been cared for properly.

From Dealerships

Dealerships that deal in higher end European vehicles also tend to get trade-ins that other dealerships would never touch. If you know of a European car dealership that sells used cars, then that could be your chance to get the classic car you have always wanted. Buying from a dealer is convenient because you get some sort of warranty on the vehicle after you purchase it, and the dealer will make sure that the vehicle is ready to drive once you pick it up.

For many people, owning a classic car is a dream come true. In some cases, buying a classic car also means having to invest time and money into restoring the vehicle. But there are those occasions where you can find the ideal car of your dreams in mint condition, and those are opportunities you should never let pass you by.

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Selling Your Classic Car

Selling Your Classic Car

If you are the proud owner of a classic car, whether it’s an American or European model, you know your vehicle is a treasure. Not only does it have sentimental value, but your ride could be worth a hefty return if you decide to put it on the market. When you make the decision to sell, it should not be taken lightly. Consider the following tips before you accept the first offer that comes along for a car that is in a class by itself.

Know Exactly What You Have

Be sure that you have all of the details concerning your car, from how many owners have enjoyed your beauty, to a detailed service record. If there have been alterations or you’ve completed a pricy restoration, you’ll want to document that information as well. Think about how much you have put into the car when you are determining its worth. You can have it appraised by an expert in order to ensure that you get your money’s worth when you actually make a sale.

Service Your Car

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, do a thorough inspection of your car, change the oil, swap out the filter, check the air pressure in your tires, and put in new spark plugs. If you don’t have the time or the skills to do your own maintenance, bring it to a reputable auto shop. Keep a copy of your inspection to share with prospective buyers.

Place a Variety of Listings

You’ll find that there are many resources for listing a classic car, from the classifieds in the newspaper to car magazines and online forums. You can also focus on websites that deal with your make and model in particular. This type of site will draw enthusiasts for your classic car. The more listings that you place, the greater opportunity you will have to sell your car. You’ll have more offers and have a better chance of getting the price that you want.

Consider a Car Auction

A car auction, especially one that is devoted to classic cars, may be one of your best opportunities to find an interested buyer. However, a percentage of the sale will go to the auction house. You also need to consider having a reserve to ensure the car does not sell for less than your asking price. If you are not willing to list your car or wait for a buyer, we buy classic cars.

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