For someone who is a complete novice at the game of poker, my cousin has been doing well on betting sites. He only started playing after I showed him how to do it a month ago, and every game he’s played he’s won. He says that winning is pretty simple once you figure out how to play the game, but I don’t see it that way, because I’ve only won a handful of times. I figured that maybe he’s just playing against some easy opponents, so I watched one of his games.

While watching my cousin play a poker game, I noticed that he was playing against one of the same people that beat me before. When I played against this guy, he was really tough, so I was sure that my cousin would lose the game, but he was able to beat the other person. It didn’t make any sense. He was able to get a higher hand than the other guy with just a few moves. I watched him play against another person, and he was able to beat them too without breaking a sweat. One by one, the opponents were falling to him.

I played a game against my cousin and he beat me just as badly as all of the other people that I’ve faced online. Maybe poker just isn’t my game. I’m not getting better at it and I’m only losing money on each bet while my cousin is rolling in money from his. I’d be better off betting on some other games that might not be as difficult to win, such as slots or blackjack. Blackjack is fairly simple and I don’t think I’ll lose nearly as much when playing that. Slots have a little more luck involved, so things might be hit or miss there.

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