Sophisticated Hybrid Cars

Are you intending to purchase new car next year? Of course, there are so many choices you can make out there and they are offered by various car manufacturers. Have you determined which one you will buy? Well, hybrid cars can be a perfect option for you to choose. According to the latest news, there are quite many cars with hybrid technology which will be released right away in 2014. Considering that, we have some good recommendations for you.

Mercedes C-Class is the first recommendation. Well, we all know that this car brand never lets its customer disappointed in both the design of the car and also the performance. This car is actually available in three engine types. They are gasoline, diesel, and hybrid. This coupe is available in convertible mode as well. Basically, for the hybrid model, Mercedes C-Class employs 2.1-liter 4-cylinder engine which can produce 190 horsepower directly. This engine is combined with 4-cylinder electric motor as the hybrid component. The second recommendation will be Volkswagen Golf. It is not a new story if Volkswagen employs hybrid engine for their car. Currently, Volkswagen is known for being a green manufacturer which is consistent in producing hybrid cars. The Golf Plug-In Hybrid runs in the combination of 1.4-liter engine, which produces 148 horsepower, and 100 horsepower-electric motor. Equivalently, the engine combination can reach 188 miles for 1 gallon fuel. It is kind of amazing green car to have. The next recommendation should be Nissan Altima Hybrid. This elegant sedan comes with 2.5 liter 4-cylinder supercharged engine combined with Li-Ion battery packs. A motor is employed to turn the energy produced by the battery packs, for about 1.3 kW, into power. Definitely, the combination of 2.5-liter engine with Li-Ion battery packs can develop around 270 horsepower at once.

Those three hybrid cars are only part of plenty cars running in hybrid technology which will be launched in 2014. Basically, we recommend those three cars since they have good performance and elegant body design. Both three cars come in sedan hatchback design which is very suitable for both city and highway riding. Besides, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Nissan are known for their fuel economical engines.

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Add Classic Car Collection, 1956 Chevrolet Deluxe 210 Handyman

For all of you who are looking for new classic car, you better choose 1956 Chevrolet Deluxe 210 Handyman as the best choice. This car was made in 1956 by Chevrolet. It is 2-door station wagon vehicle type. This car is suitable for growing family. There are 6 seats in this car. This car is stylish although it is classic car. There are some things to consider when you want to buy classic car. You must check the design or exterior of this car first before you buy. This Chevrolet Handyman wagon is beautiful and all parts of this car are in good condition.

1956 Chevrolet Deluxe 210 Handyman

You need to check the engine system from this car too. Even though we are talking about classic car, but please do not think that the engine is poor so you cannot expect great performance from this car. To be honest, this car surprisingly has engine system which has been upgraded so the worry mentioned before will not happen to you. The engine system was originally with 6-cylinder but it has been upgraded to 8 cylinder in order to create bigger power and better performance. The other thing that you check is the possibility of coolant leaks of the car. The engine appears in good condition and the engine is free from coolant leaks. Now, the transmission that is offered for you in this classic car is 4-speed R700 automatic.

Actually there are some classic cars that you can find in some auto markets too. Before you buy classic cars, you must consider of the classic interior furniture that you will need to buy too. Most people don’t want to buy classic car because they don’t want to pay higher price for some classic parts of the car. Sometime parts of the classic car are not produced again in this modern time. Thus, it can be quite rare and luxurious. For all of you who are interested to buy this car, you better read the detail information of this car and check the condition of this car first. You can also find classic supercar if you want. Classic supercar will be sold in higher price.

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Three Most Expensive Cars in the World

The development of car production in the world is fast. We know that there are lots of auto manufactures that try to create best car for now and plan future car too from next 2 years or more. All companies want to make super fast and super stylish car for all people in the world. How about to create most expensive car? Today you can find some cars that are sold in very expensive price. Here, you will know three most expensive cars in the world and you better think for twice to buy those cars because of the price.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

In the first position, you will find 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO as the most expensive supercar in the world. It is vintage car but you must pay higher price to buy this car. To bring this car to your home, you must pay $35 million. You can’t buy this car because this car has been sold to car collector, Craig McCaw. In the second position, the most expensive car in the world is Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. This car creates new auction record because this car is sold at $16.4 million. This car is sold in very high price because this car is one of best sport racing cars in the world. The design of this car is stylish too with red color. This car is supported with V12 engine system that will create fast speed for this car.

In the last position, you can find Jaguar-xj-13-06. You can buy this car after paying $8.8 million. There are some high technology features in this car. You will get stylish design of car when you buy this car. Actually there are some other supercars that are offered in high price. The car is sold in very high price because of the performance and also the appearance. So, are you attracted to get one of those cars? Well, if you have much money and you are a true fan of automotive, the willingness and desire to get one of the cars mentioned before might be so great. Do not hesitate to get the car since it can give you satisfaction and you will also impress the other people when you ride the car on the road.

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Pioneer Multimedia DVD Receiver for Best Car Audio and Video Accessory

When you have car, you really want to add some accessories in your car. Safety feature will become the main important accessory that you must have in your car. The other thing that is important is entertainment feature such as car audio and video. Thus, in case you are trying to deal with long distant trip, you will not get bored during the journey because there are so many entertainment media you can find in your car. Ultimately, the trip can be joyful for you. You will be able to enjoy all routes with your car when you can listen to your music or see the videos that you want. You will be able to enjoy all videos, music and other things when you have Multimedia DVD Receiver with touchcreen. There are some brands of Multimedia DVD Receiver that offered to you.

When you are looking for best Multimedia DVD Receiver with touchscreen, you just need to choose Pioneer AVH X5500BHS as the best car video and audio that you choose. This DVD receiver is featured with 7 inches WVGA touchscreen display that easy controls all things. This DVD receiver will be built in Bluetooth that you can use for audio streaming, and also hands-free calling. There are some other features such as HD radio tuner, SiriusXM ready, and AppRadio for your iPhone.

All things are made in very good technology so you can use all features in very smooth and simple that other car audio and video products. You can find various multimedia options in this product. The customizable video and audio function helps you to play all videos and audios that are suitable with your mood. Most people say that this car audio and video product is very excellent product. You can easy connect it with your iPhone or Android smartphone. The design of this product is very stylish too. It will be suitable for your modern car too. How much money that you must pay to get this best product? You can buy it only with $316.19. When you want to get full entertainment in your car then you must buy this Multimedia DVD Receiver with touchscreen display.

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