Advantages of Custom Slew Drives

Depending on the application, a slew drive can have different orientations. The standard orientation is horizontal, allowing maximum axial load capacity with the minimal radial load. However, vertical orientation is more widespread, allowing maximum radial load capacity. Load capacity is largely determined by the number of bolts on the slew drive surface. There are also a variety of custom modifications that can be made to meet customer requirements.

Compact design

A custom slew drive is a highly flexible and versatile machine tool. The compact design and high torque output of custom slew drives make it versatile. Slew drives are available in several sizes, from 7.5″ to 20″ in ID, and are usually equipped with a planetary gear or rotary encoder. These custom-made units can also be fitted with brakes and rotary encoders for additional safety and efficiency. Slew drives are available in single or double-row ball designs, depending on the load. For higher loads, double-row slew bearings are recommended. 

High torque capacity

The slew drive is used in many industries, including construction, mining, and metalworking. They can be simple or complex. Pneumatic, hydraulic, and double design slew drives are available, and all have their advantages. Slew drives come in many sizes and capacities and can be configured with two drives on the same axis. With a two-drive setup, two worm threads can drive one ring gear simultaneously. For higher torque capacity, double-row slew bearings are commonly used. Hourglass-style slew drives provide superior performance because they use multiple gear teeth in one worm gear. 

Space-saving design

A custom slew drive is an excellent space-saving solution for many applications. The design eliminates the need for other gearboxes and reduces the overall length of the drive. In addition, its enclosed housing protects internal components from contamination and debris. Custom slew drives can be designed to fit your specific application and can be customized to use multiple drive motors to meet your exact needs. They are ideal for renewable energy applications, including wind turbines and solar trackers.

Custom slew drives are available in a variety of standard models. They can be designed for continuous or intermittent operation, withstand extreme temperatures, and even work with special materials. In addition, a slew drive can be space-saving and highly accurate when tracking space objects.

Accurate operation

Designed for reliability, accuracy, and load capacity, custom slew drives are vital for various industries. These slew drives are often double-stage or have multiple motors. These drives can be simple or complex and incorporate both hydraulic and pneumatic motors. The precise operation of slew drives is essential to the smooth functioning of heavy equipment. 

Accurate operation of a custom worm drive is crucial for precision motion control. A slew drive is essentially a rotating device that supports a worm shaft. It can rotate axially while also allowing minimal radial load. Choosing the correct slew drive for a specific application depends on several factors, including axial and radial load, tilting moment torque, and positioning accuracy.


A slew drive is a gearbox designed to handle axial, radial, and moment loads. They can be electric or hydraulic and have a brake, planetary gear, or motor. A slew drive can also be equipped with a rotary encoder. A slew drive can be designed to handle a high radial torque, and it can also be a lightweight design. Custom slew drives are available for various applications to meet the exact specifications of a specific application. For example, a slew drive can be used to adjust a photovoltaic panel’s angle or rotate a flat mirror plate.