Dressing Safe and Comfortably for a Summer Ride

Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing a motorcycle ride during the summer months. You feel like you are a part of your surroundings in a way you never will inside of a vehicle. The only problem is, how to dress. It will be hot when you stop, and you’ll feel comfortable on the bike even in summer clothing. Unfortunately, shorts, a tank and flip-flops aren’t exactly riding gear. Protect yourself by following these simple tips.

Cover Your Arms

Although tank tops and sleeveless shirts are the ideal summer wear, you will, want your arms covered up. Even if you don’t have an accident, you’ll have a more enjoyable experience without bugs or raindrops striking you. There are many lightweight nylon jackets that cover without overheating. Look for ones with built-in vents that allow the air to pass through.

Keep Legs Under Wraps

You can purchase pants that convert to shorts easily by unzipping the legs. Another great option is to wear your shorts or capri pants, but add a pair of ladies motorcycle chaps over top. When you reach your destination, they are quickly removed and you are ready to continue on with your day.

Invest in Proper Footwear

Leave the flip-flops at home. Not only are they no good when it comes to protection, but they can fall off and become a dangerous road hazard to those around you. A good pair of motorcycle boots are a must. Do your research, and you will discover all of the great features available that will help keep feet dry and cool as well as safe.

You don’t want to go down on a motorcycle in shorts and a tank top. Protective gear may not stop you from getting a broken bone, but it will certainly prevent road rash. By using chaps, a good jacket, and riding boots, you will still be comfortable on a hot day while knowing you are doing your part in staying safe.