Important Preparation for Safety Driving During Winter

Car during WinterThough winter is coming, you still need a transportation vehicle. If you prefer to use your own car, then you must understand that driving during winter is very different when you driving during other seasons. Winter has many things to surprise you on the street. Rain, snow, and perhaps ice are ready to impede you on the street. Thus, you need to prepare additional safety things if you will drive during winter.

Prepare the vehicle battery. During cold weather, the vehicle battery work harder. If the vehicle battery is not strong enough, your car would be stranded or can lead engine failure where the engine cannot start. Always check the battery system before you use the car.

Check all the visual lights system on your car suc as tail lights, marker bulbs, headlights, driving lights, fog lights, and the most important the third level of brake lights. The lights are very important as a safety device. Change all lights with better bulb quality if necessary.

Chang the ordinary car tire to the tire tread condition. Remember that during winter the road would be covered with ice and snow. Thus, your car’s tire must have good traction such as tire tread condition. This kind of tire can shed the road grime, ice, and snow efficiently and quickly so that has better traction. Better traction can prevent uncontrolled slide on the road. To give more safety, make sure the tire pressure is fit with cold weather so that the tire can give its maximum traction.

Next, check your front windshield elements. Visibility is also an important key during driving in winter. Check the wiper blades are in good condition. Make sure that they can clear the windshield perfectly. Slush and road salt could decrease your visibility. Chang the liquid on the washer fluid with Rain=-X treatment and de-icer liquid prevent icing on your windshield.